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Standard User linernz
(newbie) Fri 27-Apr-12 23:34:16
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Virginmedia in Selly oka Birmingham is Rubbish!

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Im living in B297DQ, and was using 30MB plan on Jan. It was working fine for the first 1-2month. AND then, the problem has never been solved!

First,there was only 0.5mb download speed in the evening on the beginning March and i even couldn't open website....I called customer services and upgraded my plan to 50MB, Yes! I can open website in the evening, and that is! No Gaming ! Because the speed is unstable!!! The speed only working great during 3A.M ------ 10A.M,! What a great time!!!

I called virginmedia on 23rd, March, and they told me they found a problem on main cable, and they should fixed the problem on 18th April. Ok, i can wait....
25th, April, I called them again to check about the problem because the speed of my broadband never woking normally! Guess what? they give me another date! end of May! Ridiculous!

The most funny thing is if you searching b29 in their Help & Support forum ( ), u will found the same promblem on 2011.....i think they maybe never gonna fixing their problem with Main Cable.....
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