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Standard User Nigel_S
(newbie) Sun 06-May-12 09:41:58
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Orange High Speed Internet likely?

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Some while ago I had a torrid time trying to get Orange to investigate why I was getting very slow broadband speeds. However, after hassling them for a number of weeks the problem was resolved (can't remember exactly what the issue was now).

More recently, on two occasions, my line was "inadvertantly disconnected" - the first time from a local cabinet and the second at the exchange. No reasons given as to why, it just "accidentally happened" after which my speed dropped to as low as a pathetically slow 128 Kbps (I kid you not!!). Following yet more badgering calls to Orange, during which I was told any number of "reasons" why this might have happened (none of which had anything to do with Orange, of course), this morning it is back up to 5656Kbps, which is what it was previously.

On the BT Infinity checker, I discovered that a 76Mb connection is available immediately - the bummer is that I've got until November On Contract with Orange, so I have been trying to find out if Orange will be offering a Hi-Speed service (something that their Customer Service department had no knowledge of).

Does anyone have any information on this?

If they are, then maybe I'll hang on but, if not, I'll probably ante-up the Cancellation Fee and swap to BT anyway.


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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 06-May-12 11:15:24
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Re: Orange High Speed Internet likely?

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Orange has made no noise at all about FTTC services yet, and I am not expecting any for a long time.

Their focus is on mobile again, their ADSL services are just a resell agreement with BT Wholesale now. They retreated from having a LLU network etc

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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