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Standard User matthewcl375
(member) Sun 17-Mar-13 18:05:09
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Fast Internet, Slow P2P Downloads on Tesco

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During the day time I am experiencing issues where my download speed as measured by various speed testers is showing as normal for my current line (5.6Mbps), videos are streaming nice and quick, web pages are loading fast but when I try any Peer to Peer downloads they will never reach full speed, normally downloading below 200KBps frown

BTW I realize that with P2P it depends on the number of peers seeding the file, but I have tried multiple torrents with huge numbers of peers and still no different. I have also tried different clients and port forwarding but still no effect.

Tesco according to their Traffic Shaping policy say they throttle evenings only crazy

Can anyone help with this?


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