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Standard User Keystroke
(newbie) Thu 11-Jul-13 14:35:25
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Orange/EE Mac code

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I am so angry with my previous ISP in regards to getting my mac code from them. Normally I don't like ranting or bad mouthing other people or companies but I feel it would be best to get this off my chest.

So it started on Monday morning I called my ISP retention's department and spoke to a pleasant gentleman who informed me they only provide mac codes via post or email. That was ok with me as long as I got it within the 5 days. He then informed me after I chose the email option that I should have it that afternoon or next day at latest. To say the least I was very surprised at this.

No email that night or next day by 7pm either. So decided to phone back to check my mac code was still being sent. Got another man who straight away had a very obnoxious and arrogant tone. Who informed me that I couldn't have been told I would receive my code within two days as it takes 5 days for them to receive it. When I tried to state my case further he disconnected the call. So I phoned back and got a woman, she was pleasant and stated the person I spoken with on the Monday had never entered my details on there system so no mac code was requested. She then went on to inform me that if I allowed her to order via post it would speed up the process and when they received the code she would call me back later that day and give me it over the phone.

Again no phone call, or email was sent. Phoned back next day to check if the woman had received my code. I got a completely different person who preceded to tell me there was no code on system and I was set up to receive it via email after being told previously they could not email it as they did not have my details.They then transferred me to another department that was confused as to why I was sent there to receive a mac code. They then proceed to transfer me back and I ended up being transferred to a BT call center who where astounded as to why I was sent there. They even informed me to contact ofcom on this situation. I again phoned ISP back and asked to speak to the manger regarding all the misinformation. Manager came on the line and told me in a very condescending manner that I wouldn't receive it for 5 days. I then told her everything I had previously been told and she informed in no uncertain terms that I must be lying as all there staff were well trained and would never say such things. So I accepted the fact of 5 days as I never argued the point it wouldn't only the fact of misinformation I received. She then confirmed I had placed my order via email. When I asked if she could confirm the email address she told me she couldnt as all it said was pending. If I was determined to confirm/change my email adress it would reset the request and take another 5 days. So I agreed to just leave the email as is and assumed she was correct and the other staff members mistaken.

Two days later (Day 4) again phoned up to check if an email had been sent because I was still unsure they had correct email and didn't want to have to keep dealing with them. I got another member of staff on the phone who informed I had only made the request yesterday (when I had never called them at all on that day) which after telling her she then proceed to tell me in fact I had requested it on Monday. When I asked to confirm whether this was through email she told me it was actually via post. I then asked when the post was due she told me tomorrow as it was only sent out this morning. I then asked if it was sent via mail they should have the code on there system and be able to pass it over the phone. She told me that she couldn't get the code on the system until it was delivered via post to my house. I told her that was absurd and I was getting taken for a ride. She mumbled more rubbish and hung up.

Again I called my ISP and ask for a different department. Once through I asked for my mac code the man said he was going to transfer me over to the retention team. I said if that's all he could do not to bother as I was sick to death with that department. He then stated he could check the system instead for me. Less than a minute later he provided my mac code over the phone and said it had been on the system for days. Needless to say I was blowing my head at this treatment.
Standard User E7er
(knowledge is power) Thu 11-Jul-13 23:15:45
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Re: Orange/EE Mac code

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It seems EE/Orange want to accept MAC codes from new joining customers, but make it very difficult for their customers to obtain the MAC code (Migration Authorisation Code) from EE/Orange. crazy

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Standard User brightd
(experienced) Fri 12-Jul-13 08:26:52
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Re: Orange/EE Mac code

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This really does not make sense from EE's point of view. Once a customer has decided to leave, making that process painful just makes it even more certain that the customer will never return in the future.


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