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Standard User machina3k
(newbie) Wed 08-Jan-14 21:08:48
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EE Broadband - Unable to stream post 5pm or so

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Hi there,

I've been noticing more and more than with my EE broadband, streaming video becomes essentially impossible after around 5pm. I play a lot of Netflix/IPlayer and pre 5pm the speeds are absolutely fine, the loading progress bar on Netflix flies along. This is pretty consistent day to day.

Because the speeds are fine during what seems to be EE's definition of peak hours, I'm pretty sure there is no issue my end with a dodgy filter, line attenuation etc.

My sync speed is actually 21000kbps and upload is 1200kbps. is currently giving me 4mb download, upload 1mb.
IPlayers streaming test has just given me 120kbps average across the three streaming speeds. It's saying all I'm good for is radio.

BT wholesale test is giving 6mb download, 1mb upload. Ping latency of 184.

My downstream attenutation is 18.5 and noise margin is 3.4

Is anyone else with EE having this sort of problem? We use to be on Orange which seemed to be a lot better.

As far as I've read EE 'prioritise' VoiP and Game packets, but i wouldn't have thought that would result in the ridiculous performance I'm seeing.

I'm putting off calling EE for a few days until I can get a bit more info. I'm not keen on starting up more frustrating conversations with the helpdesk people who can't help at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 09-Jan-14 14:53:34
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Re: EE Broadband - Unable to stream post 5pm or so

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Please follow my suggestions in : and

that I put forward for a similar EE streaming issue.

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