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Standard User chester4
(newbie) Mon 20-Oct-14 13:50:04
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EE. I Could Take No More.

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After 59 calls to India, 11 Openreach no shows, a total of 71 hours waiting indoors or on hold (before being cut off), 2 Openreach failures to resolve the fibre fault on site, and 3 remote syncing failures. . . . I finally snapped. . . . Demanded compensation and a no fee cancellation (got both no problems) And probably as expected, after 3 weeks chasing the apparently impossible feat of speaking to a UK based customer service operative, as soon as I made the cancellation noises, I had 5 different people from the EE Rotherham office on the phone asking why, and being half helpful . . . The Indian call centre is the reputation destroyer for these businesses, the UK customers' first point of contact, should at least be on a reasonable phone line, and be able to speak reasonable English. EEs' isn't, and they can't.

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