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Standard User unhappyagain
(newbie) Wed 22-Oct-14 23:52:53
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BT Engineer or lack of one!

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After a long running series of problems with broadband connections failing, and dropping out if anybody rings in on the land line, we now seem to have a complete engineer failure on a visit and no remorse from BT.

Over the past year the service speeds and connection have been appalling, with regular problems with connection and always slow speeds. Following more drops than normal an engineer was sent (again) several weeks ago. He confirmed that there were problems on the line and went into several boxes and up poles looking for them! He left (leaving the phone connected to the inner socket) and saying he would report the line problem.

Approx a month afterwards, being fed up with continued drop outs, (I work from home!), I again called BT and yet again had to start the whole process again! I have been 'tested' (again) 'raised to another level' (again), called back (failed - they don't try very hard) and eventually had another engineer visit arranged. Having been confirmed by another call and 2 x texts to ensure somebody would be at home when the engineer was sent, it was ‘slightly’ disappointing for the engineer to be sent to / went to the wrong house and then left!!!

Having the correct address on my bill and on the gate post of the house, would lead you to expect the engineer might get the correct property (especially as he had to drive 50m past it to get to the wrong house and it is a dead end lane with only 9 houses on it where everybody is known to each other). Should this fail, being a communications company that had managed to previously call me and text me twice to ensure somebody was home for their engineer visit, you would expect them to be able to call you and say 'I'm lost where are you!' but I suppose that the easy option is to keep quiet and run away!

Having established from another neighbour that a BT van had been seen recently along the lane, but had just left, my partner drove to the top of the lane to see if he was still there searching for his lost house (if we had been given the engineers number or even a central number that could contact him instantly then this could have been sorted from home). At the top of the lane my partner found a BT man working on a cabinet (don't get too excited!) it was the wrong BT man!! However he was the only plus on a long and rather dismal BT history of not so helpful (or the computer says no) staff; he did call the engineer that he knew, and had seen drive into the lane and told him that he needed to return (he even knew the right house!) or rebook it to somebody else for today as my partner had not gone to work because the engineer was coming. Unfortunately the engineer failed to do either and my partner was left sitting at home without a BT visit or even a BT call (funny that they have the staff to call you to sell you something!).

The visit was meant to be between 0800 and 1300, by 1100 I had heard from my partner that the engineer seemed to have missed us, so I replied to the text (only number I had) saying they had gone to the wrong address, please return as a day had been taken off work to be there. At some point after a message was returned saying 'thank you for your message, one of our advisers will look into it and text you back soon’ -

1. I don’t want your 'thanks' I want an engineer!
2. It is now 22.45 so if you say you will text back soon please do so as to date you are failing here as well!

My partner had also rung 151 with no joy

As a result of the above, on return from work I called 151 (and having waited for some time (don't suggest ring back it didn't work!) I eventually got through to the unhelpful department. I requested 2 things -

1. compensation for lost pay for my partner for a day’s work (£120) and I think quite reasonable when you consider that if you are seen to call an engineer out to a fault that turns out to be on your property they charge you £129, for at most a couple of hours visit!

2. that they send an engineer on Saturday morning when somebody would next be home without having to lose money taking another day off work

Well I guess you can guess the outcome - a max offer of £10 could be made when the problem is resolved (pretty safe there as they have been nearly a year trying resolving it so far!) and apparently no engineers work on Saturday!!!!!! So another £120 will have to be lost with a mid week visit!!!!

Please BT sort this out, if you mess up, own up, try communicating without 'promising' to help me every time, (promises are meant to be kept and it is the most annoying thing to hear on the phone when you know from experience it is unlikely (change the script or even let the staff talk for themselves) and finally if you fail all the above pay up!

And to cap it all I never asked to be with BT in the first place, they justmade sales calls and then unagreed transferred me from a talk talk unlimited use phone and broadband package onto their own package (and changed my phone number (they did change it back)). They now regularly charge me for going over my limit unless I pay more for a bigger package. But that is all in a past chapter of life with BT (titled - kidnapped and abused!) but let’s move forward and in the words of BT 'it's good to talk' but in this instant I'd rather have an engineer and a working broadband first!!!!!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 23-Oct-14 09:55:26
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Re: BT Engineer or lack of one!

[re: unhappyagain] [link to this post]
If you were actually slammed into taking a BT service then feel free to take them to small claims court.

Engineer visits are possibly at weekends, just that a lot less work then so it is hardy to get an appointment.

151 is just BT Consumer who have the same access to Openreach which is the people in the vans as TalkTalk and Sky, perhaps time to try a different set of people who act as the customer interface. This multiple levels, means that lots of scope for messages to be garbled.

Sounds like a High Resistance (HR) Fault which can be problematic to find, so not finding it in the time allocated to each visit is to some extent understandable.

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