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Standard User mikep1234
(newbie) Tue 28-Oct-14 12:04:17
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BT Broadband

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Think seriously before going to BT. Their customer service is appauling. You spend hours ont he phone and they can't resolve anything.

I had a broadband order due for delivery on 20th October. They didn't turn up. I wasted a day off work. I phoned them to be told there was a note on the file from the previsou Friday saying the order had not gone through.

They said they would expedite it. I had numerous calls. I even had a so called customer service manager phone me on thurday saying he personally would make sure it was delivered by today (Tuesday) 9 days late. Nothing.

I called to find it hadn't even been expedited.

BT cannot resolve anything. I'm going elsewhere. But the problem is that BT can't even cancel the order. AMAZING.


I'm going to PlusNet. If the order is ever cancelled!!!

If BT wish to contact me regarding my order it is order VOL012-98018679050.

BT can't even tell me the compensation policy for them missing the contracted date.
Standard User brightd
(experienced) Tue 28-Oct-14 13:25:00
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Re: BT Broadband

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BT certainly can cancel an order. They have cancelled my Infinity 2 FTTP order twice since I placed it in June. They have reinstated a new order some days or weeks later in each case. In my case I have little choice about who rot go to as BT seem to be the only ISP willing to absorb the £3200 excess construction charge. However, I totally agree about the customer service. Lots os calls, lots of confusion and still no FTTP install on the horizon.


plusnet Unlimited customer
DrayTek Vigor 2830n
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