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Standard User johnt101
(newbie) Thu 01-Jan-15 15:14:14
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EE "service" to new customers

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Ok. Here we go. I switched (I thought I switched) from BT to EE in Oct. Completed the online application, sent the Mac code and received confirmation that I would be setup within 10 days.
Never gave it a thought, till I got my November statement from BT. Called EE and they informed me that because of a problem their end, the application never completed.
Just before Christmas, (2 month from first application) I received confirmation that I would receive my Router in a few days.
Sure enough, it arrived on the 22nd, with a note saying it would be live on the 24th.
Here the saga begins. On a positive note, I should say at this point, that I was impressed that whenever I called, someone always answered.
24th Called to say I still had no Internet. For some reason, EE make you go through security question every time you call, even though its just to report a fault.
The person was very polite and talked me through the step by step setup and test. No joy. Response it may just be late, can you call on Boxing day.
I except, it was bad timing, so ok.
I called again on the 27th. Same security questions, same step by step questions.
Response Will escalate to next level and someone will call me tomorrow.
28th. Call came, same security, same (slight variation) step by step. Still not working. Still no mention of a replacement router.
Yet again, wait another 24hrs. Worth noting the theme at this point. Every time they cant provide an answer, it takes another 24hrs to get any further.
This cycle continued till the 29th, when they decided to call an engineer to come to my house. Again, they could have sent me a new router (Im sure cost them very little) within 24hrs and resolved the issue.
Engineer came and went yesterday (31st) and guess what. The router is faulty.

I called EE to ask when they would send a replacement and to speak to a manager. This question did not compute with the operator and dispite saying the fault was now diagnosed, insisted on booking me a call from their next level in 6-12 hrs. Call never came.
Called again last night, to speak to a manager. Nothing getting past the robot operators and gave up.
So here we are, 9 days later, no further forward.

Im now reduced to having to trying to embarrass EE in to doing their job properly. So I am posting this on as many broadband related forums, as possible.

This may well prove the adage, you get what you pay for
Standard User professor973
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 01-Jan-15 20:36:20
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Re: EE "service" to new customers

[re: johnt101] [link to this post]
This may well prove the adage, you get what you pay for

You seem to have got off light with regard to EE incompetence. You don't even get Monkeys for the peanuts you pay. Luckily the EE service here is behaving at the moment, so they must have got fed up with the banding this line.
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