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Standard User Bilk0
(newbie) Wed 04-Nov-15 20:40:34
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Origin Broadband

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I have a fault with my connection ongoing now for 10 days, an engineer was dispatched Monday and managed to get my speed to 21 mb which was a huge improvement for the entire 12 hours it lasted. Within the day I was reduced to less than 1 MB again so I called again but from monday to today my service hasnt been restored.

My speeds have been erratic to say the least, A one or two MB change is normal I would imagine but mine swings from 21/22 down to less than 1 MB and everything in between.

In the morning my speed is fine easy 20+mb but by 3pm and onwards into the evening it just drops and drops until I have 1992 dial up speeds.

I have a couple of questions:-

1) With the degradation in service would this breach my contract could I cancel?
2) Because I am paying for the upto 72mb service but my line wont reach above 30 ever (as per the BT engineer) what rights would I have to say they have mis-sold my service?

Does anyone have a name of someone in Origin who I can actually speak to who wont fob me off? It got so bad yesterday I was forced to use my works Blackberry to create a 4G hotspot so I could do some work!!!
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 04-Nov-15 21:25:32
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Re: Origin Broadband

[re: Bilk0] [link to this post]
1. You can say its a breach, but provider may say its not and thus you end up negotiating or going to the adjudication service

2. All depends on what the estimated speed for your service was when you signed up, e.g. if the estimate was 30 to 40 Mbps, then question over why you signed up for up to 76 Mbps when most providers have a cheaper up to 38 Mbps option.

3pm is around the time the school kids get home and some providers peak period starts from that point on, so your issue may not be the VDSL line at all but congestion in elements the ISP controls.

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