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Standard User mikejp
(member) Wed 15-Feb-17 17:43:23
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Plusnet knickers in a twist

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I am in the middle of a 'rant' sent to Andy Baker about the way the Plusnet system handled a Youview box failure (hard drive). (They are working hard at a recovery)

On Thurday I spent a magic 43 minutes waithing to speak to PN to report. Eventually the agent and I agreed the box was broke and I had to wait another 20 or so minutes tp speak to 'TV Support'. who concurred and an appointment was made for yesterday with 'an engineer' who would confirm this. Said man arrived, confirmed the fault but sadly had only been given a non-HD box. As of todya, I managed to 'hustle' the system along a little (I think email to Mr B maybe helped) and I have been informed that my 'router' has indeed been dispatched.. I really do hope that is a typing error................

I await delivery notification and will update.
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