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Standard User upopup
(newbie) Sat 23-Dec-17 12:00:50
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Sky to Vodafone problems

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Hi All
I am in the process of moving over to Vodafone with fibre broadband and home phone but need to retain my present landline number..

This is the second year of trying, last year Vodafone contacted me and offered me a good deal ( I have Vodafone mobile) so with Sky getting expensive agreed, only to be told I had to have a new line as there is more than one line showing to my property, Which seems to be an issue when I tried to swap to Talk Talk the year before, But there is, and always has been only one line to this property.
Anyway, as we run a small business we could not change our landline number so the order was cacelled.

So had to stay with sky another year, thought I would try again with Vodafone this December. Still showing more than one line to the property on there website auto search, and after a phone call was assured could have any deal, so went for fibre 38, and was assured I didn't need an engineer to visit and could keep my existing number.
Activation date 20th Dec.

Next got a text to say engineer will call on the 4th Jan to fit new line, after another phone call was told that Sky wont release the number so will have to have a temp number until after the activation and then it can be transferred but wont guarantee it. GREAT am I EVER going to be able to leave Sky, or am I just unlucky?

After another phone call the order has been cacelled and redone requesting sky to let me retain my number so here we go again......

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