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Standard User astanden
(regular) Thu 06-Jan-11 13:11:01
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Hi there,

The previous tenants had Virgin telephone and the Virgin cable (not sure if just phone cable or TV/BB as well) originally came under front garden to front of house but was cut in half when some renovations were done to the house and front garden but I believe the cable is still there. We have BT for phone line and Broadband by other on this line. I am considering Virgin for TV, Phone & Broadband but have some questions (sorry to ramble).

Will Virgin reconnect without extra charge and preferably run the cable around the edge of the front garden (to save digging up the renovations)?

Will Virgin run the internal cables around the edge of the rooms under carpet edges? (As the Wife refuses to have any cables pinned around door frames as the toddlers have already pulled BT cable off the wall!!!!)

How accurate is 10 or 20 Meg BB? (Or is it more like 6 or 16?)

Thanks for any advice given.



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Standard User EnglishRob
(knowledge is power) Thu 06-Jan-11 20:28:05
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Re: Reconnection?

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It might be different now (or per area) but when I was living in Derby about 6 years ago I signed up for phone and broadband with NTL. Our property was the only one in the street which wasn't cabled up.

I booked an installation (for a Saturday morning) and a couple of engineers turned up, ran some fresh cable, put a box on the wall and ran a cable from the front of the house to a rear bedroom for the cable modem.

It didn't cost any extra than the standard engineer installation.

So if you're lucky they won't charge any extra (although it's been a while so who knows, they might charge extra for it now). It's probably worth making them aware when you sign up though.

When I most recently went back to Virgin (after having Telewest cable in our current place a couple of years ago) I opted for a self install and they still sent an engineer out to connect the phone line and didn't charge any extra for this (this was 3 years ago in March).

As far as speeds go, I'm on 20Mbit and the majority of the time I get the 20Mbit speeds unless I go over the limits (happens occasionally so I get throttled down to 5Mbit). Occasionally on some evenings recently the speeds have dropped a bit to around 16 to 17Mbits.

Hope this helps.


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Standard User hk11
(experienced) Fri 07-Jan-11 10:55:11
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Re: Reconnection?

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Last time I got reconnected they charged me £40 I think. That was an Bell Cable phone line that was transferred to NTL then to BT then back to Virgin.

They didn't charge any extra to run internal cables. I had mine left un-pined so I caught run it under the carpet.

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