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Standard User Terista
(newbie) Thu 20-Jan-11 19:29:07
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Awful Service

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Is it me or is Virgin media’s telephone support getting worse?

I am getting to the point I am willing to cancel my service due to the poor telephone support, a lack of support, knowledge and helpfulness.

Firstly I have been with Virgin Media 3+ Years and started on a 10Mbp/s service, which the product itself has been very good, other than a couple major service outages it’s been stable. The problem really started when I upgraded to the ‘’XXL Package’’, costing me £109 a month, this is 50Mbp/s broadband, a telephone service and two Virgin Media HD boxes.

I noted the poor service about 8 months ago, our line was capped for excessive usage (back on the 10Mbp/s package) when calling up a whole 24hours later, in which the cap was due to come off after a few hours, I called the technical support team in request to have this manually removed. I work for an ISP myself so I was reluctant to follow their basic checks, I restarted the router but that’s it, after an extensive wait I finally got through to a technical support agent.

After trying to verify what the problem was with the member of staff who was unable to confirm Data protection with me and get a grasp on the issue within the first 3-4 minutes of the call, once we established the issue, the agent wanted me to a series of things, I had two pc’s running side by side, both showing 1Mbp/s. After declaring I needed the cap removed they asked me to reboot my PC in safe mode with networking, which I found pointless, amazingly the PC I did NOT reboot worked at 10Mbp/s once again.

It was the end of November we decided to upgrade to the ‘’XXL’’ package, installation was where the problems started, the engineer was a very nice guy, who did an excellent job with the wiring to the upstairs room, however he was happy to take a personal call, not install the broadband correctly and make some amateur mistakes through the whole thing, firstly he could not get sync to the router, after taking a look myself and find there was no ethernet cable from the modem to the router, not a big issue and something easy to miss, once assuring me it was working and leaving, once trying to use the connection we were automatically sent to a Virgin Media activation page. Rebooting the PC’s and the router, I still had a continuous loop of this issue, Authentication and Sync showing on the router. I flushed my DNS and still no luck. I called Virgin who did it manually from their end. As you can imagine a minor inconvenience, but a sign of things to come.

After being told that as of January our bill will be £109 with NO additional charges to this, you can imagine our surprise when a bill for over £270 came through the door and landed on our mat. Admittedly we spent £20 on movies and live events and around £30 on calls to 0845 numbers and mobile numbers. This has not been rectified, nor by the sounds of this will it be, down to human error we were not informed that you have to pay the month gone and one month in advance, when asked to listen back on the call or be passed to a manager the agent agreed to pass us to a manager, he was rude, inattentive and after 20 minutes of waiting (and a literal 20 minutes) on a 3 song loop, the same agent came back to us and said, ‘’a manager is not available and they wont waiver the charge’’, after trying many times since, the kind people at Virgin Media have corrected the error and let us pay a bit this month and a bit next month (this is not satisfactory, at all!).

When using the internet last night at 12:15am, connection was lost. When checking the router I could see we were not getting authentication but it was in sync, establishing a billing issue.
We called up, at 12:17am, at 12:35am our call was answered to a member of staff who took over 10 minutes establishing this was a billing issue. The best thing of all, he was unable to rectify this, there was NO ONE more senior than this gentleman I could speak to and our billing date is the 6th of the month, thus meaning our bill is due on Feb 6th.

Amazingly at around 4am, (from the router logs) our connection was reconnected, which I am grateful for, however we should not have to have unnecessary downtime due to fault of Virgin Media’s.

Another nit pick more than anything is the router Virgin supply. The DLink 615 is an awful router, I have flashed the DLink firmware onto the router but all in all it’s not very good, for port forwarding and the fact you can install custom firmware the router is good, but it really lacks in wireless connectivity, NAT settings and appalling wireless speeds when connected.

Overall the product’s themselves are good, a solid connection, an average of 49Mbp/s throughput over 24 hours, and a great TV service with a brilliant catch up system. I just wish they could employ and train capable individuals and people who sound like they want to answer my call. Unless the service gets better I will be migrating to another provider. Lets hope someone from Virgin picks this up or at least acknowledges it.

I expect a better service for the cost I am paying.

Thank you for reading.
Standard User BipolarBear
(experienced) Fri 21-Jan-11 14:15:31
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Re: Awful Service

[re: Terista] [link to this post]
Is there a reason you chose VM over Sky for all your tv services? We have VM for phone and bb and Sky for tv because Sky are cheaper and have more HD channels.

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Standard User adslmax
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 21-Jan-11 21:04:05
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Re: Awful Service

[re: BipolarBear] [link to this post]
I wouldn't never bother with Sky HD channels as it rip off £10.25 for HD Channels but u only watch it if some HD channels are subscription like eg: Pack1, Pack2, Pack3, Pack4, Pack5 or all packs or movies pack or sports pack depend what you are subscription to.

All HD Channels with all channels subscription would cost you £62.25 a month with all 6 packs with movies & sport packs

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