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Standard User Skippas
(newbie) Mon 24-Jan-11 22:49:39
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It's been around a month now and I'm nearly ready to slice my own head off. Absolutely abysmal service between 2pm to midnight. Virgin says it's due to a fault at the exchange (I say it's because they've taken on too many damn customers than they can handle!) the earliest date it can be fixed by is the 19th April, case-rested. My hopes are that some actually helpful technicians of Virgin Media visit this forum and can at least offer some sort of explanation to the absolutely dire internet service that is being provided to some areas of Lincoln at the moment. My efforts so far have been in complete vein. My question is would it not be possible to downgrade our line to a non fibre line to effectively get us off the backed up cable line? Seriously even a 1mb line would be better than this, we're supposed to be on 20mb!

Failing that, are there any ISP options out there that might offer a 5 month or free running contract for a broadband service? I've got no urge to live in this part of the country any longer than my tenancy contract requires!
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