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Standard User JohnUK
(member) Mon 07-Feb-11 20:57:53
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100mbit shaping/capping?

[link to this post]
New install not been a customer in years.

Basically in the first 12months will I be capped or shaped or given time shift specific limits etc?

For £500 a year I'd hope not to be honest.
Standard User Chrysalis
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 08-Feb-11 00:28:37
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Re: 100mbit shaping/capping?

[re: JohnUK] [link to this post]
If it concerns you then perhaps you should have checked before ordering.

on the 100mbit service you will have downstream traffic shaping as detailed below.

5pm to midnight mon-fri p2p and nntp shaped
midday to midnight weekends p2p and nntp shaped

plans are in place with 2 trials already done to also shape p2p and nntp on upstream. likely be same hours.

currently there is no STM on the 100mbit tier.

Edited by Chrysalis (Tue 08-Feb-11 00:29:37)

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