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Standard User gregoryfenton
(newbie) Sun 06-Mar-11 14:04:55
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Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[link to this post]
I am posting this in the hope that the thread can be expanded by other likeminded individuals. I have posted part of it on the VM community forums but they are heavily moderated so I doubt it will stay long.

Note I did not hack or exploit the modem, I simply logged in with the provided standard credentials and explored.

Default passwords:
superuser : 1234
MSO : changeme
admin : changeme or admin : password

Passwords are accessible by
cd /non-vol/userif

I just ssh'd into superhub
ssh admin@
and found a lot of interesting stuff going on:

TaskId TaskName Priority State
---------- -------------------------------- -------- --------
0x80e7ebd0 Network alarm support 6 SLEEP
0x80e1dea8 Network support 7 SLEEP
0x80e83388 pthread.00000800 15 EXIT
0x80db2c40 tStartup 18 SLEEP
0x83faa974 NonVol Device Async Helper 25 SLEEP
0x83f953b4 LED Controller Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f93bd0 Reset/Standby Switch Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f90a70 CableHome Ping Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83fac49c WDOG 17 SLEEP
0x83f71330 BFC Ping Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83f86004 ConsoleThread 27 RUN
0x83f8d140 Telnet Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f435ec SSH Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f424ec CfgVB Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f40e74 DHCM 25 SLEEP
0x83f3b984 Event Log Thread 25 SLEEP
0x80e1b160 Idle Thread 31 RUN
0x836d1d10 Time Of Day Thread 23 SLEEP
0x836d22d0 CmDocsisIpThread 23 SLEEP
0x836cbdf8 CmBpiManagerThd 23 SLEEP
0x836c83c0 CmDsxHelper 23 SLEEP
0x836e68bc CmDocsisCtlThread 21 SLEEP
0x836bc02c Scan Downstream Thread 23 SLEEP
0x836ba9e4 RateShaping Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83fac5bc DocsisCmHalDataForwardingThread 23 SLEEP
0x83fac6dc DocsisCmHalControlThread 22 SLEEP
0x83fac7fc UtpRxMsgDqmThread 22 SLEEP
0x83fac91c AsyncDs_0 23 SLEEP
0x83faca3c AsyncDs_1 23 SLEEP
0x83facb5c AsyncDs_2 23 SLEEP
0x83facc7c AsyncDs_3 23 SLEEP
0x83facd9c AsyncDs_4 23 SLEEP
0x83facebc AsyncDs_5 23 SLEEP
0x83facfdc AsyncDs_6 23 SLEEP
0x83fad0fc AsyncDs_7 23 SLEEP
0x83fad21c ENRX 23 SLEEP
0x83fad33c MSELNK 23 SLEEP
0x83fad45c USBCT 21 SLEEP
0x83fad57c UBCRX 23 SLEEP
0x83fad69c USBRX 23 SLEEP
0x83fad7bc WL_TMR_scantimer 23 SLEEP
0x83fad8dc WL_TMR_phycal 23 SLEEP
0x83fad9fc WL_TMR_dfs 23 SLEEP
0x83fadb1c WL_TMR_resp 23 SLEEP
0x83fadc3c WL_TMR_eventq 23 SLEEP
0x83fadd5c WL_TMR_watchdog 23 SLEEP
0x83fade7c WL_TMR_radio 23 SLEEP
0x83fadf9c WL_TMR_csa 23 SLEEP
0x83fae0bc RFMT 23 SLEEP
0x83fae1dc RFNK 23 SLEEP
0x83fae2fc RFBK 23 SLEEP
0x83fae41c ThreadDeleteTask 23 SLEEP
0x83fae53c nas_wksp 23 SLEEP
0x83fae65c EAPD 23 SLEEP
0x83fae77c WPAT0 23 SLEEP
0x83fae89c WifiSecureEzSetupThread 23 SLEEP
0x83fae9bc GuiCommandTask 23 SLEEP
0x83faeadc upnp_main 23 SLEEP
0x83faebfc WPSM 23 SLEEP
0x83444e4c DHCP Client Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83441678 DHCPv6 Client Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83faed1c IpHalIst 23 SLEEP
0x83433464 ParentalCtlThread 23 SLEEP
0x83faee3c WPAT1 23 SLEEP
0x83413884 CmPropaneCtlThread 23 SLEEP
0x834108b0 IGMP Thread 23 SLEEP
0x8340eed4 NetToMedia Thread 23 SLEEP
0x8340c200 Trap Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83f689fc SNMP Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832c3eb4 WPA-NAS 23 SLEEP
0x832c16b0 WiFi 80211 Led Control Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832bf160 ND Thread for IP Stack1 23 SLEEP
0x832bc3a4FTP Lite Client Thread for IP Stack1 23 SLEEP
0x832b975c DCC Workaround Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832b61c4 DHCP Server Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832b3488 Rip Client Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832a9ac0 ArpPacketManagerThread 23 SLEEP
0x8328e634 Time Of Day Thread 23 SLEEP
0x832a088c CableHomeCtlThread 23 SLEEP
0x83289760 KerberosThread 23 SLEEP
0x83286238 Firewall Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83281838 BcmCspSecFwPolicyFileThread 23 SLEEP
0x832757d8 DHCH 25 SLEEP
0x83270bbc Nat Timer Thread 23 SLEEP
0x8326e550 RG SMTP Thread 23 SLEEP
0x831a8e58 DNS Server Thread 23 SLEEP
0x831a5fac OpenDNS Thread 23 SLEEP
0x83142cf8 UpnpThread 23 SLEEP
0x83175c14 CableHomePingTool Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83133be4 Ping Maintenance Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83131780 CableHomeConnSpeedTool Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83107934 BcmStSessionTrackThread 23 SLEEP
0x83104ac0 Traceroute Thread 29 SLEEP
0x83102100 IkeThread 23 SLEEP
0x830ffcf8 Comcast Misc Control Thread 25 SLEEP
0x830faf80 Sntp Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830f8684 Pptp Client Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830f4478 L2tp Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830f0f34 L2tp Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830ed670 Pptp Server Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830e9f20 Dynamic DNS Client Thread 23 SLEEP
0x830e62d0 HttpServerThread 23 SLEEP
0x82fb9154 SLED Packet Generator Thread 23 SLEEP
0x82fb5da8 SOAPParser Thread 23 SLEEP

Pay particular attention to:
WiFi 80211 Led Control Thread
LED Controller Thread
SNMP Thread
OpenDNS Thread
Dynamic DNS Client Thread

5 lines, all active in the modem. All requested features that need activating in the firmware according to VM.

They are already active and running. They just need the web pages activated.

There is some more interesting information if you ls and explore the directories ("tables") shown in [square brackets] and ls again.
I found out how to enable dynamic DNS

ssh admin@
type in the password (changeme by default)

cd /NonVol/rg
wan_feature_config ddns true

At this point it will ask for your DDNS username, DDNS password and DDNS host name. Fill in the information.
It will ask for DDNS last update IP [], just press Enter.


All done, the modem will update DDNS whenever you reboot it. There may be some way to do it as a cron job but I have not yet found it.
Standard User Roph
(newbie) Tue 08-Mar-11 12:17:08
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: gregoryfenton] [link to this post]
Excellent job!

I don't have anything to add about the superhub, but regarding the old routers that virgin used to give out (Netgear WGR614), it looks like DD-WRT custom firmware is being worked on for them.

The engineer never took the virgin router, and from the sounds of it from other people, they all got to keep theirs also.

Virgin Media 30Mb
Standard User bigjig
(newbie) Fri 03-Jun-11 23:55:47
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: gregoryfenton] [link to this post]
Hi, I've been trying to ssh into my Superhub but keep getting this error msg.

ssh: connect to host port 22: Invalid argument

Any ideas?!?! I appreciate your help. Thanks.

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Standard User kwikbreaks
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 04-Jun-11 08:03:50
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: bigjig] [link to this post]
You're several months too late as VM blocked SSH access with the R25 firmware (current firmware is R26).

If you can't fix it with a hammer you've got an electrical problem.
Standard User Ignitionnet
(knowledge is power) Sat 04-Jun-11 16:28:36
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: kwikbreaks] [link to this post]
Access should never have been there to begin with, was a bug.
Standard User kwikbreaks
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sun 05-Jun-11 10:20:51
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: Ignitionnet] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Ignitionnet:
Access should never have been there to begin with, was a bug.

A bug in the wondrous Superhub firmware???
Despite all that intensive user testing before release??

I'm shocked to the core. Are you absolutely certain?
Standard User craigj2k10
(newbie) Thu 16-Jun-11 21:13:06
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: kwikbreaks] [link to this post]
the fact SSH is disabled is totally irrelevant

it topples over at the sight of data
its wireless performance is "not very good"

and its made by netgear

Coming soon, truly independent Cable Forum The Alternative Cable Forum
Standard User kwikbreaks
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Fri 17-Jun-11 16:49:58
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: craigj2k10] [link to this post]
Opening old threads to spam your new forum is bad form imo.
Standard User HANHAM97
(knowledge is power) Sat 18-Jun-11 00:31:31
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Re: Interesting stuff when ssh'd into superhub

[re: kwikbreaks] [link to this post]

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