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Standard User jezthomp
(newbie) Tue 09-Aug-11 11:09:14
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Leaving Virgin Media: Cut off after 30 days?

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Leaving Virgin Media after being with them since NTL.

I assume the 30days notice you give they only shut off the broadband after the 30 days?

Or do they shut it off day you ask and then you have to pay after the 30 days?

Just double checking as need it for the 30 days really...

Cheers smile
Standard User pete_thomson
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 09-Aug-11 15:29:03
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Re: Leaving Virgin Media: Cut off after 30 days?

[re: jezthomp] [link to this post]
Call them and tell them you are leaving, you then get a disconnect date which will be a month away.... no getting disconnected until that date.

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