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Standard User ilikesurfing
(regular) Wed 30-Nov-11 21:38:54
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Email problem (worth knowing if you use own domain)

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I have had no problems with using NTLworld SMTP until last week when wouldnt send emails at all. Earlier this week I thought I had solved problem when VM told me that I needed to use the VirginMedia SMTP for sending emails. I said to them that I was using my own domain name and thus my own email address .I do NOT wish to use VM email address, I want to use my own email address ,for example It sent the emails and I thought no more of it until now when I sent 2 emails to myself and see that en route via the VM SMTP server it adds my Virgin Media email address ,which I do not use EVER to my email before forwarding on to whoever I have sent email to . How dare they interfere with my email simply because I use their SMTP for which I pay them !!! ,especially without telling me.


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