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Standard User strokedriver
(committed) Wed 07-Dec-11 10:05:26
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Self install Virgin Media Hub?

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An old lady, friend of my wife, has asked for help to install Virgin Media Broadband L. She already has Virgin media cable TV & phone. Apparently, she has been quoted £20 to self install the hub.
Does this sound likely?
Will Virgin enable the broadband remotely, so all she has to do is connect the hub and, maybe, configure it and her laptop.......or is there really no alternative to paying Virgin £49.95 to do the whole thing for her?
I do not use Virgin myself and, as a non-customer, can get no sense out of their help desk.

Thanks for any advice

Standard User jb66
(committed) Sun 18-Dec-11 08:37:58
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Re: Self install Virgin Media Hub?

[re: strokedriver] [link to this post]
It's very easy, it does with easy to follow instructions, if you for whatever reason can't do it they will send a tech for free
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