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Standard User trenegor
(newbie) Sun 24-Feb-13 15:00:50
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Advice needed with broadband issues with VM

[link to this post]
Hi - would anyone be able to advise on issues I've been having with VM since October?

First of all here are my TBB graphs from the last week (and trust me these are good graphs compared with the previous months...). I've never seen similar graphs for Virign or any other ISP for that matter, so any advice would be appreciated.







The issues I am seeing and other points of interest:
  • Upon a router reset - it works ok initially, but as you can see with the graph the service degrades with time immediately. WIthin hours (sometimes within 3 hours sometimes within 6), the ping roundtrip times degrade to such a point, all pings from TBB don't get acknowledged at all, resulting in high packet loss as on the graph.
  • Internally when I ping my router from e.g. a computer directly connected to the router via cable, I see the same pattern. e.g. Round trip times increase from <1 ms to about 1000ms and sometimes even longer. So this leads me to believe something is causing the router to be too busy to even respond to ping requests?
  • Shortly after this - there is a tipping point where the router becomes totally unresponive both from externally and internally. Pings from both external an internally timeout. I normally have to reset the router to get it working again (a shame as I can't even get any logs before it dies, and upon reset they are wiped). After a reset it works again, but again it follows teh same pattern as before. Sometimes I have to reset my router 5+ times a day
  • I've had the router replaced already to rule out there being a hardware route with the router.
  • I've had many engineer visits to look into this. For some reason - they didn't understand my issue and just changed my SSID channel as they said wireless issue was being caused by other routers (even though inSSIDER shows this not to be the case). I think they thought I was reporting a wireless issue, although I ensured I said all issues were with cabled connection to the router, and wanted to remove wireless issues from the equation. Was a bit annoyed as I wrote up a detailed report for them with my issues exactly and printed out every TBB daily graph from Oct until now! Unfroutnatley the engineer said he did't understand the graphs (or he didn't want to see them)
  • I'm not a heavy broadband user at all (well I can't even if I wanted to!). I just use it for email / web at the moment. I can't even stream from youtube reliably. Forget all this talk about P2P / gaming / downloading programs etc.
  • I subsequently had another engineer come who actually checked my router who said there were lots of pre RS errors and some post RS errors too. He said he would escalate this to networks to look into. Apparently they did come and fix it. I haven't recongnised any real improvement though. I still get about a couple of thousand pre RS errors within an hour or resetting my router, but haven't seen any post RS errors anymore.
  • there is also a reported over utlistaion on my network segment. Apparently this has been open for over a year now. The fix date has kept being pushed back every 2 months (not sure why). However looking at other ppl's TBB graphs with over utlistaion, my graphs don't show the same pattern exactly so I think there is something else wrong with it which i would like advice for if anyone here has any ideas?
  • The strange thing with my router as you can see from the graphs is that the min latency times (green on teh graph) never goes back down. It is like an upward slope and keeps on climbing e.g. from < 20ms upno reboot until it gets e.g. > 200 ms and then the router becomes unresponsive or crashes. Everytime you do see it go down in one step like a ski jump is either me resetting the router or the router crashing.
  • After calling Virgin numerous times (with the standard questions - I won't go into this as we all know the score!) haven't gotten any closer to a resultion and in fact I get contradicting responses depending on who answers. I have tried to cancel my contract as I'm still under 18 month period, but Virigin say they can't because I've actually used the connection.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 24-Feb-13 15:33:36
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Re: Advice needed with broadband issues with VM

[re: trenegor] [link to this post]
I would suggest switching to modem only mode on the superhub and getting your own ethernet router, to reduce load on the superhub

Are throughputs varying a lot too

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User trenegor
(newbie) Mon 25-Feb-13 23:22:48
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Re: Advice needed with broadband issues with VM

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Hi thanks for the advice

Unforutunatley I don't have another router so cannot try that right now.

I have tried both the dedicated virgin speed test and the TBB one as advised.
Virgin dedicated speed test has dl speed of 0.56megabits/s.

The TBB is as below:
Date Down TBB Down HTTPx6 Upstream IP Address ISP
Mon 25/02/13 23:13 0.05 Mbps 1.35 Mbps 1.30 Mbps BLAH Virgin Media

yes the throughput varies alot, it goes in a diagonal downward line from somethroughput to no throughput. TBBs avg latency was 101ms. BTW I've never run the TBB speedtest from virigin before so have nothing to compare against.

I've just spent 1 hour with Virigin Media phone support to try and sort my problem out (cannot hardly do anything let alone rdp to work!). The resorted to getting me to factory reset my modem, and they reblasted new copy of latest firmware onto the router. But doesn't have any postive effect. The speed test above is taken right afer all of this. They can only say that there is confirmed high utilisation - but I don't think it would cause the severity of the issues I am seeing?

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Standard User Ignitionnet
(knowledge is power) Mon 25-Feb-13 23:36:36
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Re: Advice needed with broadband issues with VM

[re: trenegor] [link to this post]
Switch the Wifi off on the Superhub for an hour, see what happens.
Standard User TheInstaller
(newbie) Tue 26-Feb-13 17:37:39
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Re: Advice needed with broadband issues with VM

[re: trenegor] [link to this post]
Do you have a NAS drive at all?

If so disconnect it and monitor your graphs and see if they sort themselves out.
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