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Standard User greymann
(newbie) Tue 18-Jun-13 12:07:09
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Bad ping / disconnects since March and the runaround

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I'm in RM9 4SS post code. We had a 30Mbs account.

Around the new year we started noticing regular disconnects (windows network showing yellow triangle with !) lasting up to several minutes and then shorter, more frequent interruptions in browsing and gaming.

We called support in March. They tested the modem remotely and said it was ok. They traced to various websites and noticed problems. They mentioned a service problem in our area that they were working on. They decided to send a tech to our home. He tested and found the equipment to be in good shape and said the problem was outside the house after checking our ping. He installed a signal booster on the cable line.

I called support after he left and they informed us again of a problem in our area. They gave us end of May as a fix date (ouch). I asked why so long and he said because they have to deal with road works.

In the meantime we get a letter from VM saying our account is being managed due to our usage.

After May I called again to see why there was still no change in our service interruptions. At the time we were experiencing a long interruption and I was told it was because of usage management (because we had been gaming possibly !!) and also that the service area problem had been fixed.

We decided to look into the various VM accounts and discovered that the 30Mbs is subjected to management whereas the 100Mbs is unlimited. So they talked us into another year contract.

On the day we switched and tested our speed at the new 100Mbs download we still saw the regular packet losses and disconnects. I called support. They informed us that because of the improvement they're making in our area (double speed thing) we might get these intermittent issues and to be patient because it will improve soon (end of July now).

What's the point in upgrading a connection from 100Mbs to 120Mbs when internet activities are impossible in the meantime? I'd rather have a consistent 1.5Mbs connection than this **bleep**. But, what is the problem really? We've been told it's area repairs, usage management, peak usage times, and now speed upgrades... So far they seem to be throwing only possible problems around without any consistent answers or solutions.

At the moment I get from 5% - 15% packet loss on long ping tests. 2% is max tolerable loss. We get several long disconnects a day. It's not worth it. I hate having to go through the work of switching to another provider but I have already been insanely patient. Does anyone have any tips, similar experiences with any known solutions on the way? Any chance this is my hardware? Thanks.

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Standard User mr_mojo
(knowledge is power) Thu 20-Jun-13 21:25:49
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Re: Bad ping / disconnects since March and the runaround

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Almost certainly congestion in your area.

Virgin's network is running extremely hot in a huge amount of areas. They have trying to cope by adding more DOCSIS channels to the service.

There's not much to be done really. I've used Virgin media in about 4 different flats in 3 different cities in the last 5 years. Only one of them had consistenly good service. Two were horrendous and one was ok but not great at peak times.
Standard User george1976
(newbie) Thu 27-Jun-13 13:11:01
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Re: Bad ping / disconnects since March and the runaround

[re: greymann] [link to this post]
Been there, done that mate. Nothing changed for us, it got even worse when they "upgraded" our connection.
If you still have problems and want to get out maybe you want to look out for a price increase when they do it.

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