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(member) Sun 20-Jul-14 11:07:26
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VM broadband+phone cheaper than broadband only!

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I can't see this has been mentioned on here, and I think it's worth mentioning.

The latest weekly email from MoneySavingExpert (dated 16 July '14) focusses on cheap broadband deals.

Paragraphs 3 is of particular interest, and details a way of getting VM 50Mb broadband for just over £21 a month for 18 months. Here's an excerpt:

If you're set on fibre optic, Virgin Media offers the cheapest deal via this Broadband Choices* link, though it's only available to 50% of the UK. On an 18-month contract, you get:

- Compulsory line rent: The cheapest way to get it is to pay £144 for a year upfront (you'll need to call after installation's set to do this), equiv to £12/mth. For the remaining six months, it's £15.99/mth. That averages out at £13.33/mth over 18mths, if you pay for the year upfront. If you pay monthly, it's £15.99/mth for the whole term. It includes weekend calls to landlines and 0870 calls, other costs are mostly on par with/ a touch more than BT.
- Unlimited fibre optic broadband: Sign up via the Broadband Choices * link and you pay £4/mth for the first 12, then £15.50/mth for the next six. That averages £7.83/mth over 18 months.

Analysis: Add the average £13.33/mth line rental cost (if you pay upfront for a year) to the £7.83/mth average broadband costs and it's equiv £21.16/mth.

You do have to sign up via the Broadband Choices link given, this deal isn't available elsewhere. And as paragraph 6 of the MSE email says, you have to take a VM phone line as part of the deal (the average cost £21 a month cost includes this, so long as you pay a year's line rental of £144 up front), whilst VM broadband on it's own costs £31 a month plus a £50 installation fee. Which is kinda bonkers, but that's how it is. (Calls to Virgin Mobile numbers are free from VM home phones, which some might find useful.)

Just to be clear, I haven't got any connection with any of the companies mentioned (VM, MSE or Broadband Choices), I just thought this was a deal worth sharing.
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