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Standard User mlmclaren
(committed) Wed 29-Oct-14 23:08:01
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FAO Crawley Customer's

[link to this post]
Hi Everybody,

I've been following issues with the Virgin Media Network in Crawley for 3 years now, and if its not going down because its hotter then 21 degrees centigrade, its congestion...

Well its been a constant issue to most customers and now that an alternative is available many have switched and many have stayed hoping Virgin will fix the issues.

Although Virgin Media has promised its customers dates the service will be fixed (both verbally, formally and in writing) and one after the other they have broken the promises and keep giving out credits (if you call)

I have helped a neighbour get services through another provider and they have since told me how much of an improvement they have seen over there previous service with Virgin.

The fault reference for this fault is: F003093891

A fix date of 12/11/14 was promised but I now have found out on the Virgin Media forum that it has now been pushed into December.

The link to this post is here!

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