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Standard User user123
(newbie) Sat 31-Jan-15 11:31:04
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Leaving virgin

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A shame I'll be leaving Virgin after 7 years. The price hike of over £5 er month for nothing in return is the final insult. I've usually managed to get them to rescind increases or give "loyalty bonus". If only they had a policy like some banks are now, whereby existing customers are given the same offers as new customers. Some of those are just an insult to existing customers.
Standard User broadband66
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 31-Jan-15 19:30:19
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Re: Leaving virgin

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Increase of less than £1 / year seems reasonable.

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Standard User mlmclaren
(experienced) Sun 01-Feb-15 09:51:13
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Re: Leaving virgin

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I think he means the price increase of £5 this year following other increases in previous years.

I agree Virgin seem to keep increasing prices for existing customers and decreasing them for new customers, I've looked at some of the offers their doing including ones with cash back and it looks like the increase in price I too attract more customer which then over-utilise the networks..

Anyway rumours have it that Liberty Global is too sell out so this sudden Rush of constant offers and issues not being fixed seems to make sense if selling, makes books look good.

Just feel sorry for the fool that buys them (or at least this countries services anyway)

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