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Standard User mlmclaren
(experienced) Wed 01-Apr-15 20:50:31
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Crawley & West Kent Upgrades Coming!

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So I had word from an Area Manager today regarding various utilization and network issues in and around Crawley, in an email they listed some tasks that they had planned for the area and that it will take "a couple of months" to implement,

the correspondence is as follows:

Our current plan of action is below;
1. Replace all fibre nodes in Crawley and West Kent.
2. Move from 8 to 10 down streams providing more bandwidth
3. Once done we intend completing a re segmentation
4. Replacement of all Amplifiers in Crawley

Each part requires the preceding part to be completed first. I cant go into any further detail apart from saying I am pretty confident once all this is done we will have a good performing network.

All looks promising but only time will tell...

Plusnet Unlimited 21CN 4200/800 @ 4.2Km > TP-Link TD-W8968v3 - BQM IPv4
Plusnet Fibre Extra 66000/20000 @ 450m > HG612 (Unlocked) > Linksys LRT224 - BQM IPv4
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