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Standard User cscsonline
(learned) Mon 12-Oct-15 10:40:12
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My experience over the first two weeks

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I thought you may find it useful to know what my experience has been in having Virgin Media installed.
It was installed on Monday 28th September. On September 29th the Internet fell over so I called VM and they promised me a technician would come out on Thursday. However the Internet came back on its own so I cancelled the visit.
The following Monday October 5th the Internet was no longer available to me so I called VM and a technician was booked for Wednesday. This time I was not about to cancel the visit even if the connection came back on its own which it didn't.
The technician duly arrived and found on my TIVO box under Settings, System Info that the Return Power was at 60 dBmV which was too high. So this was lowered to 50 dBmV but that in itself did not correct the problem The TV signal was fine all this time but I had no dial tome on my landline either.
The next day another technician came and sorted out the dial tone and I had an Internet signal. This followed me getting an unshared cable into my home.
An hour after the technician left I lost the Internet again so I called the first technician and he came back.
After doing some tests I was able to get online on a PC laptop but could not get online with my main laptop - a Macbook Pro. This told me that the Internet was ok but something else was the problem on the Mac.
The technician was somewhat baffled but it occurred to me that the DNS server might be the problem on the Mac. The settings were that DNS was being resolved by the Super Hub - So I signed up to Open DNS and deleted and inputted their settings and and that solved it.
Whether the DNS issues was because I was trying to use an Apple Airport Extreme for WiFi instead of the Super Hub. Every time I tried to use the Airport Extreme, the VM Internet connection would be lost so I have had to retire my Airport Extreme unfortunately.
I hope that this may help others who have issues with VM.

cscsonline on an MacBook Pro using
Virgin Media 152Mbps
using Virgin Router and Apple Extreme
formerly on BT Infinity 2, O2 Premium, Be Unlimited, Zen 8000 Active
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