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Standard User lexden16
(newbie) Fri 04-Mar-11 11:29:12
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ADSL2+ Sykpe Phone - Advice

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I have used a Philips 8411B/05 Skype/DECT phone connected to a Netgear DG834G and, more recently, a DGND3300 v 2 router on an ADSL Max (8mbps) service for over 3 years without any major problems. This week my ADSL service has been upgraded to ADSL2+. I am now getting internet disconnects (the router DSL and internet lights remain green and the router status page shows a constant connection). My ISP informs me that the router is sending error messages. Netgear keep advising me to do a factory re-set. The net effect of this is that my ADSL2+ is getting slower by the day! Could the cause of the problem be incompatibility between the Skype phone and the router (although I cannot be sure, I think that my internet went down last night after my wife made a DECT call using the Skype DECT handset) or could I have a faulty router? I should add that I have not set up anything in the router to accommodate the Skype phone - as the instructions do not indicate that this is required. When connected, the Skype phone shows all my contact numbers, amount of credit etc. Grateful for any thoughts/advice. For the moment, I have disconnected the Skype phone from my network.
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