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Standard User furman
(experienced) Mon 22-Aug-11 17:24:41
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VOIP, Infinity and 2750VN

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I have just had Infinity for Business installed and noticed that the was a phone output on the 2wire BT Business Hub.
I assume this is an extra service from BT.
I want to switch to the Draytek 2750VN and I am interested in VOIP. Am I right in thinking I need a VOIP phone and a service from Skype or SPIGATE (or SIPGATE sp?) and thats it? Will it work over Fibre as I read that BBTalk does not work in the BT forums.
I didn't ask there because I want to use a non-BT service provider.

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Standard User TMCR
(regular) Tue 23-Aug-11 00:37:44
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Re: VOIP, Infinity and 2750VN

[re: furman] [link to this post]
You don't need a VOIP phone - a normal phone with a BT jack should do. The router would have an outlet for VOIP and may need an adapter to connect the BT jack.

You only need a VOIP phone if you're connecting via your PC because the router does not have the required ports, but the Draytek does.

Get service via Sipgate or whoever you prefer and follow their instructions on setting the line up. It's pretty easy, even I got Sipgate right first time.

It should work over fibre, it's just part of your Internet connection. I have VOIP working here on Virgin cable and at the office on ADSL.

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