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Standard User hanna256
(newbie) Wed 23-Jan-13 19:51:08
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Poor call quality with Speedtouch 780WL

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I have a "weird" setup. I have a cable modem, a router, a Speedtouch 780 attached to the router and of course the regular phone attached to the Speedtouch.

When I am on the phone that is connected to the Speedtouch, the other side doesn't hear me well (the line is chopped). However if I use my smartphone connected to the router (WiFi) and with a softphone connected to the same VoIP provider, the reception is crystal clear from both sides. This tells me it is not my Internet connection or my VoIP provider (I tried 2 different VoIP providers already).

I know that there are lots of QoS setting on the Speedtouch, I made voice af42. However I didn't enable QoS on my router since it is LinkSys router and they handle QoS in a weird manner (They slow down everybody to make sure QoS is ok).

What can I do on the SpeedTouch? Or should I buy another dedicated ATA for my setup?
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