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Standard User trolleybus
(member) Sat 30-Mar-13 12:16:16
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Gigaset Issues selecting service

[link to this post]
For a number of years I have owned a C475IP and been very please with the unit. The fixed landline is connected to the unit and I use three VoIP services. I have selected the default connection as VoIP which effectively means that the service configured on IP1 is available and I just dial the number required.

If I wish to use an alternative service then I either have to suffix the number dialled with either #2, #3, #9 or #0 depending on the service required and the call is routed through the selected service.

I suggested to a friend that he purchased a similar unit but found that an upgraded version called N300A IP was now sold. Here the setup is somewhat different to mine as the default conection [Linetype for outgoing calls] selected was the fixed line and there is only one VoIP service provider [DrayTel] configured.

Despite the fundemental difference in setup I was expecting that the suffix #1 would route the call via Draytel, but unfortunately doing so returns the NU tone. Same if 902#1 is used. However incoming DrayTel calls are received just fine.

Another difference between the two installations is that my ISP is TalkTalk Business connected to a Draytek router whereas my friends ISP is EE connected to the supplied Brightbox.[It goes without saying that the Internet works just fine].

Have I made a configuration error in the N300A IP or could it be that EE blocks the use of VoIP either on the end users router or elswhere on their network?

Thoughts from forum members reading this posting would be very much appreciated.
Standard User sean2003
(experienced) Sat 27-Apr-13 11:30:03
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Re: Gigaset Issues selecting service

[re: trolleybus] [link to this post]
The way to select different providers has changed on the N300IP.

You've two options.

1. Set the default in the web interface to be a particular line. To call out from another hold the green button down for a few moments then select the line you wish on the screen.

2. Set in the web interface an option like 'select line at each outgoing call' - this way the phone will always show a menu listing lines when you press the green button lightly.
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