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Standard User trolleybus
(member) Sat 05-Oct-13 17:33:11
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Zen VoIP with snom360

[link to this post]
Not having much success getting Zen VoIP working with a snom360. Checklist of settings or suggestions would be very welcomed.
Standard User wellhiddenmark
(newbie) Mon 28-Oct-13 16:33:53
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Re: Zen VoIP with snom360

[re: trolleybus] [link to this post]
In my experience, Snom phones are very easy to set up and just work with their default settings. All you really need is the username, password and registration server and you're on.

If you can ring out, but calls are not coming in, check your firewall / port forwarding settings. Snom phones have pretty good logging, so switch it on from the web interface and make some test calls in and out. You can usually determine the cause of the issue by looking at the SIP traffic and searching google for the error message if it isn't obvious.
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