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Standard User mnbvcxz
(regular) Wed 12-Nov-14 19:18:28
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I was thinking of trying voip services as 18185 is getting more expensive and not all providers support it now.

However I found who seemed quite cheap and reasonably regarded, more so than the betamax clones. But now when I look at reviews they are really terrible.

I don't know if the company has just imploded or if I am missing something. Are people using them in the Uk much and how is your experiences?

Otherwise I can see all the betamax clones who people say are flaky, a bunch like sipgate who are said to be ok but are just not all that cheap and someone called aloha connect from wales who talk a good show but I can't find any mention of them in practice so don't know if they are really a teenager in his bedroom or a serious option.

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