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Standard User AlanAtHome
(learned) Tue 02-Dec-14 13:30:30
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Any SPA3000 experts out there?

[link to this post]
Problem:- SPA3000 does not answer PSTN line although it does detect that the line is ringing.

My setup is a SPA3000 connected to a freepbx box, I used these links

as referance for correct configuration. I am able to make sip call from freepbx out on the PSTN line via the SPA3000 and the FXS port on the SPA3000 can make calls into the freepbx.

The strange thing is, as I was setting up the system, rather than connect to house line I used a fixedcell from "Telecom FM" ; the SPA3000 answers this ringing picks up callerid and freepbx rings sip phones. However the PSTN line, ringing is detected but ignored.

Below are two images of the info page of the SPA3000 the first while connected to the fixedcell during ringing, the second the PSTN - as can be seen the

PSTN state is "Ringing" but it is not being fowarded to the line1.

Any help appreciated
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