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Standard User Mucron
(regular) Sat 02-Sep-17 10:04:28
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Number porting to voip

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Hi I have ported my number from openreach line to Vonage . I was told I would know when it was complete as lthe line would go dead . this hasn't happened yet although the number has ported the line and broadband are still active . I got an email to say my broadband cancelation had been delayed I presume because the line didn't die on the day set for termination . The line now has a new number I can't make or receive calls apart from openreach test services. Will the broadband need to be cancelled seperately ?.
Standard User Michael_Chare
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 02-Sep-17 13:47:23
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Re: Number porting to voip

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My BT line did not go dead when I ported my number to Voipfone. I think dialing revealed the new number. I don't think I could make any other calls. I did get a letter from BT.

I cancelled my broadband before the port to make sure that the port would go through. I suggest that you speak to your DSL broadband supplier to make sure the service is cancelled.

Michael Chare
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