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Standard User FTTP2
(newbie) Thu 22-Feb-18 12:30:57
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Pay phone and VOIP

[link to this post]

Does anyone has any experience of connecting a PSTN payphone (with coins) to a VOIP service, using an ATA/FXS?

Any help in ANY direction is appreciated.

P.s. I did email grandstream about their HT812. This is what they said, I havenít tried this yet. (Do not have their ATA yet)

Basically our ATAs would perform the required scenario and here are the recommended settings to be configured on the FXS PORT of the ATA from the web interface:

1. Disable Call Waiting: Yes
2. Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
3. Disable Call-Waiting Tone: Yes
4. Fax Mode: Pass-Through
5. Set FXS PORT --> Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP to YES
6. Set FXS PORT --> Preferred Vocoder: set all the choices to : PCMU
7. Jitter buffer : fixed
8. Jitter Buffer length: High
9. Disable Line Echo canceller: Yes
10. Disable network echo suppressor: Yes
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