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Standard User KevinR
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 01-Jan-17 15:33:22
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UK Registrar with good Email Forwarding?

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(Back here after a billion years, hi guys).

I've had a couple of domains registered with DomainMonster, but they've recently gone to pot!

I only really use their email forwarding which hasn't suffered as badly as their hosted email. However it went down for the second time in a fortnight and their customers have identified that 2 of 3 nameservers are down and all live behind the same router! So clearly multiple levels of "economy"....

I'd like a new registrar that supports fairly diverse forwarding. We've about 20 aliases that route to 4 or 5 mailboxes held elsewhere. I've noticed a fair few that support hardly any forwarding in the hope of up-selling a mailbox or hosting package (often overpriced).

+ I like the domains being independent of my ISP (xilo) & bundled hosting/mailboxes.
+ Basic hosting is an unnecessary expense for my needs or I'd look at xilo, nethosted and equivalents.

So these days: Who's good? Who's bad?



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Standard User senator1
(newbie) Mon 27-Mar-17 16:45:20
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Re: UK Registrar with good Email Forwarding?

[re: KevinR] [link to this post]
1 & 1 Internet Ltd.

I've used them for about 20 years - all OK.

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