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Standard User pcmaczone
(committed) Thu 31-Mar-11 11:03:52
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Need good non LLU ISP, good upload speed, no traffic shaping

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I know there's plenty of posts asking about recommendationsn for non LLU ISP's but I wondered if there is anyone in similar circumstances to me who has perhaps moved from F2S/Opal/Talk Talk Business or whatever their name is now to another isp with better results?

I live approx 3km from the exchange out in the sticks so my max download speed is around the 3mb mark, usually about 2.8 but over the last few weeks, especially in the evenings we have struggled to hit 1mb which makes streaming things like iPlayer of Lovefilm to the tv a complete non event. I must emphasise this has only started happening since all the changes at the isp.

So anyway, what I am looking for is a reliable isp with steady speeds both day and night, upload speed of at least half a meg, which we used to get all the time and absolutely no traffic shaping. I know the choices are limited given there's not LLU at our exchange and not plans for any company to install it (Great Offley) but any suggestions? Will pay up to around £25pm as long as it's reliable.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Thu 31-Mar-11 13:10:50
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Re: Need good non LLU ISP, good upload speed, no traffic sha

[re: pcmaczone] [link to this post]
An upload of half a meg? That's quite unusual, though possible. Was it a business or premium connection of some sort? Which ISP is/was it anyway before TT bought them all?

There isn't an exchange at Great Offley. You may or may not be on the Offley one, can you put your phone number into this checker and give us the URL of the result please?

Importantly, have you any idea how much you download and upload monthly, especially as the upload seems important to you?

Please can you also try to find and post your line stats, see here for help.

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 31-Mar-11 13:44:12
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Re: Need good non LLU ISP, good upload speed, no traffic sha

[re: pcmaczone] [link to this post]
With no LLU options you have two upstream choices


Which were you on previously?

£25 a month will not get you the 832Kbps option, generally this is seen as a business requirement and providers charge accordingly.

As a general rule £25 will get you 50Gb of traffic with no traffic management involved and 448Kbps upstream, there will be a few that might be cheaper and some that offer a lot more, but they often suffer from peak problems.

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Standard User pcmaczone
(committed) Thu 31-Mar-11 14:45:30
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Re: Need good non LLU ISP, good upload speed, no traffic sha

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Can't post the line stats at the moment as I am not at home but will do that when I get back on Saturday.

As for the exchange, it's in Great Offley but listed as Offley. Exchange code is SMOL

I have 832kbps upload at the moment and always have had, first with Freedom2surf, then Opal and now Talk Talk Business. I have never had a business account by the way and I pay £17.99 per month for the account. It has "unlimited" downloads which of course is not really unlimited and subject to a fup.

However, I would rather pay more, have a cap of say 30-40GB and get a more consistent service than pay less and be on almost dial up speeds at times.

I guess I don't really "need" the faster upload speeds only I often have to upload entire cms sites and the faster the better! Also both myself and my wife are into online gaming which of course relies on upload and ping more than download speeds.

We used to get dowload speeds of 3.5-4mbps but as I say, since the take over/merger or whatever it was of Freedom2surf it's all very rapidly gone down hill. I'm not even entirely sure who atually owns the isp anymore. Just completly fed up with the constant changes and fall off in performance. Got my mac code and now need somewhere to use it!
Standard User Allan1
(member) Sun 03-Apr-11 09:38:58
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Re: Need good non LLU ISP, good upload speed, no traffic sha

[re: pcmaczone] [link to this post]
I moved from F2S/Opal?TalkTalk almost a month ago. I live on a rural exchange with no LLU providers and I decided to go with Xilo.(If you can't get LLU you'll only be able to get the Home/Office products)They do an office 15GB package that does have 832kbps upload that costs 19.99 + Vat which is what I took. For the office packages the 15gb limit applies between 8am and 8pm outside those hours I think there's a 200GB limit. They do Home packages that are a bit cheaper but the upload speed from those is the normal 448kbps and the usage limit applies from 8am to midnight but, I believe, still 200gb outside that period.
I get consistently good speeds(though I am very close to the exchange), brilliant customer service(although I've only had to use it when I first signed up) - and it's a 30day contract so if things don't work out you're not stuck.

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