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Standard User Trojan_Hussar
(regular) Sun 24-Apr-11 14:13:37
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Unlimited ISP using C&W LLU?

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Currently on Entanet Family 30, but my 'family' has outgrown the 30Gb/month peak cap. I noticed UKFSN offering an unlimited package on ADSL2+ for £19.99 on C&W LLU. The RFC date for C&W on my exchange (WMEV) has been changed from 31/05/11 to 30/04/11 so it *might* actually be happening.

Anyone else offering unlimited packages via C&W? Are they any good?


Entanet Family 30 ADSL2+
DL Sync: 15320 UL Sync: 848
Line Profile 13000
C&W LLU @ WMEV RFC 31st May 2011 *FINALLY*
Standard User uno
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 24-Apr-11 14:56:14
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Re: Unlimited ISP using C&W LLU?

[re: Trojan_Hussar] [link to this post]
There are a few of us who can offer it.

We can as well as Aquiss, Vivacti and ADSL24 (plus UKFSN who you've already mentioned). There may be others too.


uno Broadband
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