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Standard User T1AA
(newbie) Sat 27-Aug-11 16:21:16
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Advice for a heavy user

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Hello, my exchange has recently been upgraded to recieve FTTC, I have used tbbmeter to estimate how much data i use, (About 140gb on my comp, then theres xbox and my sisters comp so i would assume it to be a total of maybe 200gb a month). Im not in a virgin media cable area and from looking at there data usage policy i dont think it would be right for me to be honest. I had a terrible experience with BT and so i cant go back to them. I took a look at one of titans fiber packages but after further research on the company on this forum i see they are to be avoided. Any suggestions on an ISP fiber packages that does not traffic shape, has low contention and unmetered uploads. Im currently with Be broadband and get about 15mbps which is ok but who knows when there gonna offer any kind of fiber package.
Standard User adebov
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 27-Aug-11 16:45:47
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Re: Advice for a heavy user

[re: T1AA] [link to this post]
Without paying mega-bucks, BT's Infinity is the only "unlimited" product out there.
You can get sub-£40 products with a reasonable allowance - something like 60GB peak (8am to 10pm weekdays) with unmetered off-peak (10pm to 8am weekdays and all day @ weekends), but that's about the best you'll do if you refuse to go back with BT.
Providers such as ADSL24, Vivaciti and Aquiss will do products similar to that described above, but if you want "unlimited" (and not a BT product), it's going to cost you maybe £90 +VAT a month (IDnet business premium fibre is such a package).

Seems like a lot to pay just because you don't want to go back to BT.


ADSL2+ with BE
DL Sync around 4.8Mbps
UL Sync 1088kbps

DG834GT with DGTeam firmware
Standard User aquiss
(experienced) Sat 27-Aug-11 20:09:46
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Re: Advice for a heavy user

[re: T1AA] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by T1AA:
Any suggestions on an ISP fiber packages that does not traffic shape, has low contention and unmetered uploads.

For clarity you don't mention download limits, only uploads. Can I presume you would be happy with some sort of download limit?

You have also not mentioned a monthly budget? As your looking for low contention and non traffic managed, then I presume your looking currently in the £50+ region?

Martin Pitt
Aquiss Internet

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Standard User dspillett
(committed) Sun 28-Aug-11 13:01:02
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Re: Advice for a heavy user

[re: T1AA] [link to this post]
If you download very little in the day then you might consider A&A. If you are happy with your upstream speed capped at 2Mbit then £33.25 could get you significantly more than 200Gb/month download (to release that cap and get 10Mbit upstream you need to add a tenner for the "premium" option). They are not suitable for you if you download much during the day though. Their tariff operates on "units" (I pay for 3 units each month at the moment) - at the weekend and in the evening a unit equates to 100Gb downloaded, but between 0900 and 1800 one unit is only 2Gb of download.

Other than the working-day-download thing, which may or may not be a problem for you, their offering fits your described requirements:

* Upload is unmetered at any time.

* If you can schedule bit downloads to start in the night, there is a much cheaper period between 0200 and 0600 (1000Gb/unit IIRC)

* I've not noticed any contention issues (though the fact I pay the "premium" premium may be helping here as apparently that give you some priority in parts of BT's backhaul that your traffic flows through). My line gets 35Mbit downstream and 10Mbit up, and whenever I've done anything that tests that to the full I've had not problem saturating the link in either direction (except where I know the other end is the bottleneck, not my line or ISP)

* No traffic shaping except the most basic QoS tweaks that all networks perform to improve interactive performance (which doesn't tend to be classed as traffic shaping as it is a fundamental thing that has almost always been done, to improve overall latency), and an optional (you can turn it on and off at will, it is off by default) 95% throughput cap on bulk traffic that further improves latency for lower bandwidth interactive tasks like VoIP.

* As well as no shaping, there is no filtering at all. They are one of the few ISPs that don't even subscribe to the IWF blacklist (so their users were not affected by the Wikipedia issue last year that was caused by this).

* While a little more complex than most ISPs' offerings, their tariff is flexible. The 3 units I pre-pay for each month could be used as 2Gb peak and 200Gb off-peak, or 1Gb peak and 250Gb off, or 3 peak and 150 off, 1Gb peak time and 200 off-peak and 500Gb in the overnight cheap rate period - and so on. When you don't use your pre-paid amount you can carry if forward to next month, or if you go over one month you can call the excess off next month instead of paying any extra. If you go significantly over so do need to pay extra, everything is charged by the byte so if you pay for 0.1 units if you need 0.1 units not for a full unit.

* Their control panel give you both an unusually detailed view of you line's use and a nice plain English summary, so you can easily monitor what it going on instead of getting a nasty surprise in your next bill. Other ISPs with caps would do well to imitate this. The plain-English summary for my line currently reads "
You buy 3 units per month. You have 0.43 units extra under usage brought forward from last month making 3.43 units available this month. You have used 3.03 units so far this month. At this rate you will use 3.42 units this month. We forecast ending the month with 0.01 units under usage.
". The 3.03 units used so far (the billing period ends at the end of the month) were called off via ~4.3Gb downloaded in peak times, ~74Gb in normal off-peak times (weekday evening, weekend), and ~116Gb in the over-night cheap period (so ~195Gb downloaded in total).

This does cost noticeably more than Be's offerings though, so you'd need to judge if the increase in speed and features is worth it to you. When Be start rolling out their fibre solution (probably in the middle of next year I'd guess) I doubt it will be any cheaper though as I doubt it would be economically viable to be cheaper given the upgrades they'll no doubt need to their network to carry the extra bandwidth the fibre users will be pulling back and forth. I made my switch from Be Pro to A&A FTTC "cost neutral" by hosting a couple of things off my FTTC line that were previously sat on an external server (if you can justify the number you ask for, A&A will give you extra IPv4 addresses free of charge; I currently have a /29 range, 6 usable addresses, allocated to my line).

If you do download quite a bit during the working day, and can't rearrange that use to the evenings/weekends, then you'll need to consider other options or stay as you are for a bit longer and see what comes of Be's fibre plans next year.

Current ISP: Andrews & Arnold (AAISP, via FTTC at ~36Mbit down & ~10Mbit up, joined July 2011.
Previous setup: Be Pro with UploadPlus (ADSL2+, AnnexM), 12ish Mbit down, 1.6 up, happy customer for ~2.5 years.
Standard User keith_thfc
(knowledge is power) Wed 31-Aug-11 17:51:27
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Re: Advice for a heavy user

[re: T1AA] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by T1AA:
Any suggestions on an ISP fiber packages that does not traffic shape, has low contention and unmetered uploads.
Have you looked at Zen's offerings? Not cheap but may meet your needs if you don't mind being capped.

be* Value (be* since Jan 2006)
3.5 Mb down/1 Mb up using Thomson TG585
Poplar (LNPOP) exchange

(ex Wanadoo/AOL/Zen/f2s LLU)
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