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Standard User Pindi
(newbie) Mon 19-Sep-11 12:52:20
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Aquiss and IDNet P2P/slow down

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I'm looking to switch from Sky ADSL to either Aquiss or IDNet FTTC. My speeds with Sky (whose service has been great btw) were around 2.7Mb and I've been told I can get speeds of around 27Mb with fibre.

I want to go with either Aquiss or IDNet because of their limited/no shaping policy on p2p. I'd appreciate it if those who have dealt with these companies could provide info on the questions below:

1. During busy times, how much do Aquiss slow down p2p? What kind of speeds do you normally get on p2p during busy/quiet times?

2. What are IDNet speeds like during busy/quiet times? Do you get the speeds you were promised or at least close?

I'm leaning towards Aquiss because of their more generous off peak usage and off peak times as opposed to IDNet's 7 day a week peak time schedule.

Any other advice anybody could provide for any FTTC providers that are good for p2p would be appreciated (I'm not a heavy user; maybe 20-30gb a month not including general browsing/streaming).


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