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Standard User ForensicIT
(newbie) Thu 11-Oct-12 20:35:29
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Which fibre fttc provider?

[link to this post]
We are due to be able to order fibre in December, the cab is in and everything.

We are on o2 at the min paying £14 for the [censored] ADSL2+, and £14.50 for line rental.

I was looking at sky fibre for £20 a month? I know we would have to pay line rental on top too.

We also have a number of sky boxes, would we be able to agree a special deal with sky?

We need unlimited usage and a cheap price.
Standard User iand
(experienced) Thu 11-Oct-12 22:11:10
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Re: Which fibre fttc provider?

[re: ForensicIT] [link to this post]
yes line rental + £20 for FTTC.

You can always phone sales and ask for a deal. No harm in asking.

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