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Standard User bigmog01
(newbie) Mon 19-Nov-12 12:37:00
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A great example of customer service

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Hi All,

Just wanted to tell you about a really good experience with my ISP. I've been with ADSL24 ( for a number of years. I work on a cruise-ship and I'm away from home for months at a time, during which I obviously don't use my home internet. Therefore I tend to downgrade to the lowest possible package whilst I'm at sea, then upgrade when I'm back home.

As well as allowing me to do this on a monthly basis for no extra charge smile, I received a message today from one of the ADSL24 team advising me to wait a few days before upgrading until the next invoicing cycle, as it would SAVE ME MONEY!

In these days of big corporations just out for as much as they can get from us, the poor consumers, it is so refreshing to experience genuine customer service that actually puts the customer first.

20 quid gets you their cheapest fibre package with download speeds up to 40MB, or another tenner a month gives up to 80MB (and that's the one I use). And the icing on the cake: no port blocking and no throttling, ever!

If you're trying to decide which ISP to go for, perhaps you should look at these guys.
Standard User gdavid
(committed) Mon 19-Nov-12 16:20:02
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Re: A great example of customer service

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I had to arrange a phone line and BB in a new build that was going to be rented. BT could not cope with the tenant being changed - they completely could not cope with us installing the line then changing it to the tenants when we had one.

ADSL were supreme - yes we can do that. Want to change anything then just give us a ring.

Would highly recommend them.


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