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Standard User broadback
(committed) Sun 09-Dec-12 16:35:59
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Broadband suppliers extras

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I was looking for a supplier 6 months ago seemed that one particularly suited, but (old age) have forgotten which it was. Not only did they supply broadband and telephone but offered registration and portal facilities as well. I pay one company to keep my registration and another to host it, surely it would be more efficient to combine the three? any help appreciated.

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 09-Dec-12 18:20:50
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Re: Broadband suppliers extras

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I would say you should keep domain registration and domain/site/email hosting together and away from your broadband supplier. As Primus is a cheap-as-chips reseller, goodness knows who they put those with anyway.

At the cost of a slightly higher price for broadband and phone I like to go direct to CPs, not through intermediaries like Primus, where you have no control at all and a convoluted chain of responsibility if anything goes wrong. Simple "declared" resellers like ADSL24, vivaciti, Aquiss, xilo and the like are a different matter as it is fairly easy to establish the underlying suppliers.

I wouldn't like to use even those resellers for domain registration or any hosting though. I'd much rather use a company dedicated to such a service rather than one offering it as a "free" goodie.

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