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Standard User Callisi
(newbie) Wed 06-Feb-13 20:20:56
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Sky Fibre or Plus Fibre - How good are they?

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Ive been with Virgin Media and am coming to the end of my contract. I bave been approached by Sky to come and join them for an all in deal for TV, Phone and Fibre Optic broadband.

I have heard that there have been speed problems with Sky Fibre as well as other installation problems.

How do you find Sky Fibre? Should I move to it...or should I consider someone else like Plus Net Fibre?
Standard User iand
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 08-Feb-13 18:23:27
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Re: Sky Fiber or Plus Fiber - How good are they?

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Been on Sky for about 2 years. First on ADSL and then on FTTC.

ADSL. The speed dropped from 9M (LLU provider) to 6.5M SKY, but that was expected due to how SKY run their ADSL type services. Never had a problem with performance of the line or any download problem. As FTTC came to my area, I decided to move to that type of service.
FTTC. Moved to this service in Nov 2012. Line running at 40/10 (service speed I bought). Not had any performance problems with this service at all.

I understand some small number of specific exchanges have had a performance problem, as SKY have more customers using the service vs. throughout. Listening to the message boards this looks to be a short term situation while additional capacity is ordered.

So finally, if the SKY service is in your price band, then go for it.

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