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Standard User jonbey
(newbie) Thu 28-Feb-13 12:23:07
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TitanADSL gone quiet ....

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I am currently a client of Entanet, and bought their services via TitanADSL. I am happy with the service, but there is a cap on the monthly bandwidth.

TitanADSL now offer their own packages direct, including an unlimited package. I agreed to go with that on 17 Jan 2013. I had to agree to a 3 month contract to avoid being charged a set up fee. I set up my Paypal subscription.

On 17/1 I was told I would be activated in 5-7 days.
On 28/1 I was told "You will be going live on Wednesday this week."
On 4/2 I was told "thats odd it should have completed. We have logged this with BT as its showing as pending."
On 11/1 I was told: "We have called BT to get updates and they have advised they will update us this afternoon."

On 16/2 I was charged for the 2nd month ..... I managed to get that invoice cancelled

On 16/2 I was told "You should be switched over on Tuesday."
On 19/2 I was told "Yes should be def live at some stage today finally"

I sent follow up emails on 19/2, 23/2, and today, 28/2. No replies.

I have tried calling but every time just get a message saying they are busy.

Suggestions? Are TitanADSL still in business? Does anyone get Internet direct from them? Can I cancel and leave it - Enternet are good, I just wanted unlimited bandwidth.
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