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Standard User paradice22
(newbie) Sat 26-Oct-13 21:38:42
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Best ISP for ADSL Max

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The only services available at my exchange are ADSL and ADSL Max, I was with BT for years and didn't really have any problems with them except for streaming stuff like youtube/iplayer etc, the throttling was a bit much at some times too

looking for a recommendation for a good provider. Don't want to pay mega money (business rates) but not looking for the cheapest either. Probably a monthly contract too so I have the choice of changing if need be.

Latency and Youtube/iplayer working properly are the main things

I don't download a lot so a sensible limit is fine
Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Sun 27-Oct-13 18:45:14
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Re: Best ISP for ADSL Max

[re: paradice22] [link to this post]
The only services available at my exchange are ADSL and ADSL Max, .....

Check out the packages on offer from:-

Andrews and Arnold and Zen .....not the cheapest.

The other mass market ISPs are in some cases cheaper when you first sign up but you get what you pay for with some of them, avoid TT and Sky when their LLU based BB isn't available via your exchange.

I recently moved from Madasafish (bought by BT and run by Plusnet over the last few years) to Plusnet so not much of a change regarding the connection but for it to be stable the router has to sync at around 3Meg any higher and the connection will drop through the evening or night, it's around 6 kilometres to the 20CN exchange.

Two neighbours a few hundred yards away, one uses Eclipse the other BT both could be classed as "light" users and I've not heard any complaints about their connections ....... yet tongue

So far so good but that is what I expected.


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