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Standard User Speedchaser
(member) Wed 30-Oct-13 16:53:45
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Plusnet or Talk Talk

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I'm still undecided regards moving from BT FTTC to TT FTTC or Plusnet FTTC. Plusnet seems a safer bet but Talk Talk is just a much much better deal. My main concern would be over subscription of TT slowing speeds down. I have no reason to believe it is over subscribed. I'm posting though to ask yet another question. That being as I have a slow FTTC connection due to distance from the cabinet (11mps), would I be less affected by a slow service? My thinking behind this is understanding if back haul/ congestion etc slows a service down from 35mps to 12mps as example. Would someone along the same chain whos speed is 11mps see a comparative drop or would their speed remain unchanged?

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 30-Oct-13 17:29:16
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Re: Plusnet or Talk Talk

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All depends on the reason for the congestion and where it is happening, but generally those with higher speeds see a larger drop.

For all anyone knows the whole UK Internet could become heavily congested for the whole winter - unlikely, but illustrates the crux of your inner debate, i.e. no one can answer for sure. Neither provider you mention has had a prolonged period of slow speeds.

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