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Standard User abat
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 26-Jan-14 09:50:50
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Refugee from the ADSL24 to Coms disaster

[link to this post]
After several good years with ADSL24 my connection has been moved to Coms resulting in my sync speed being destroyed by a target SNR (initially of 12 now 6) and all OpenVPN connectivity either being blocked or broken.

I have a very slow but previously stable line able to maintain a sync for weeks at somewhere between 2600kbs and 3000kbs with a SNR target of 3 set in the ADSL24 control panel.

My requirements are:

- Ability to either set the target SNR at the ISP end or run a custom firmware to set it from my end
- No restrictions on protocol use - I don't P2P but I do make extensive use of OpenVPN
- Ideally unlimited data or at least something in the 100GB range (although this I might compromise on)
- No traffic management taking what little speed I have
- Ideally I'd like to be able to use my own router
- Price is less of an issue but previously I was paying £19 for this

So far I've looked at:

- Sky - I have Sky TV so probably cheaper but I understand the SNR target is 7 and cannot be changed
- BT - I am currently paying for BT Sport so this would be a saving but unsure of SNR tweaking
- AA - I really like their technical reputation and IPv6 would be useful. Not sure about the network though as it appears it might be TTB which I think is where I have landed with Coms.

Any suggestions or avenues to look at?

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 26-Jan-14 16:47:40
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Re: Refugee from the ADSL24 to Coms disaster

[re: abat] [link to this post]
Sky - the DLM is a bit of a variable, but some people are seeing target levels down to 3dB if line is very stable. But as you are a long line, most likely to slower than what you have now.

BT - BT Wholesale DLM, and as BT not likely to convince to do much for you, so depends on the automatic systems, can be as low as 3dB. All depends on how stable they believe the line is.

AA - Network can be whatever you want i.e. TT or BT Wholesale I believe. You pay for their attention to detail and customer service.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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