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Standard User lawlinsee
(newbie) Fri 21-Feb-14 11:09:51
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Looking to switch from Virgin

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Hey all, I'm currently on Virgin National broadband but my contract is coming up to an end and I'm looking to switch. My main gripe with Virgin is during peak hours I am not able to stream things at over 360p and I am paying a fair amount for it (previously had fibre but moved and wasn't available). Also do a bit of gaming but connection has been stable with that so far. I am not sure if my streaming issue is part of the traffic management policy or I am simply not getting enough bandwidth during peak times.

I've been looking at either Plusnet or Sky, Plusnet mainly for price and Sky because they don't have a traffic management policy. Fibre optic is now available in my building so my main questions are:
1. Do I need fibre optic connection to stream videos at 720p during peak hours?
2. If I can get away with ADSL, will I be able to stream 720p videos during peak hours with Plusnet?

I understand different locations will have different average speeds but was just wondering what your experience was with this. I live in the Southampton area if that helps at all.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 21-Feb-14 13:16:03
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Re: Looking to switch from Virgin

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1. Depends on what speed of ADSL2+ you have, a reasonable provider will do HD streams if the connection connects at over 6 Mbps.
2. Most likely yes.

All depends on what your current connection speed is, and what technology is available on the exchange.

What does a speed test show for you during the time of day when speeds are good

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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